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Beaminster, England
Northampton, Massachusetts
Membership is open to any person who is a descendant of the English Parsons Family, either directly or indirectly.

Membership Dues:
Regular Membership (annually): $10.00
Sustaining Membership (annually): $25.00
Life Membership $200.00

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Parsons Family Reunion, 2010 group shot at Newport, Rhode Island
2007 Reunion at Chandler's Tavern
Shirley Parsons, Martha Ethier,Lydia Omasta, Nancy Armstrong, Dr. Ken Doran, Muriel Poulin, Kim Graham, Araina Heath, Phil Parsons.
Martha Ethier: Past President and Treasurer
Laura Pisano, Former Secretary
2007 Reunion
 Right to left: Araina Heath, Shirley Parsons, Mrs. and Dr. Ken Doran
2004 Reunion
2004 Board of Directors
Kim Graham, Ann Klump, Faye Parsons Bragg, Carl Parsons, Martha Ethier, Cris Parsons, Bob Heath
Double Gerald James Parsons signing his book for Nancy Armstrong at 2001 Reunion at Look Park
2004 Reunion at Yong Men's Club, Hadley, MA
2003 Reunion at Smith College
2003 Board of Directors
Standing; Bob Heath, Historian,The late Marlene Conser, Former Historian, Cris Parsons, Treasurer, Martha Ethier, former Treasurer and future President, President Phil Parsons.  Seated, Kim Graham, Director, The late Faye Parsons Bragg, Former, Treasurer, Ann Klump.

2001 Reunion, New Haven
Lauren Armstrong, John Armstrong, unknown,Nancy Armstrong, Gerald James Parsons, Faye Parsons Bragg, unknown,Jerry Ethier, Emily Ethier,Phil Parsons,Martha Ethier,Cris Parsons, Bob Heath, Araina Heath, Harriet Parsons, Lydia Omasta, Dr. Stuart Parsons,unknown, Marlene Conser, Carl Parsons, unknown, Louisa Parsons. 
2000 Reunion
2000 Board of Directors
Nancy Armstrong former President Martha Ethier, former Treasurer and later President, Araina Heath, Secretary, The late,Marlene Conser, Historian, Gerald James Parsons, Director, The late, Faye Parsons Bragg, Treasurer, President Phil Parsons, Seated, The late,Shirley Parsons, former Treasurer and Lydia Omasta, Former President.
Left to right - Joy (Parsons) Lyford; Forest Parsons (Joy's brother); Frances Parsons (Forest's wife); Matt Parsons, Philip Parsons, Kate Parsons, Cristina Parsons
2011 Family Reunion, Springfield, MA
by Gary Parsons
Our annual west coast reunion was held October 5, 2013 at the home of Sue, Corky, and Cindy Younger in Carmichael, CA.

by Gary Parsons
2013 Family Reunion 
July 20th at Silver Bay, Lake George, NY
2014 Reunion, Northampton, MA
2014 West Coast Reunion
2015 Reunion, Ithica, New York
2015 East Coast 93rd Parsons Family Reunion
July 25 at Ithaca, New York
38th West Coast Family Reunion, 2015
​More 2015 Reunion Photos by Gary Parsons